About Us

Our Mission

  • Our mission is Building a compelling Educational system that positions Learnovate in the heart of Participants choice.

  • Being aware of, and updated about the educational Needs of the physios, and associating with competent, Best in their field Professionals to acquire maximal impact on the quality of education we deliver to our Participants.

  • Maintaining an encouraging environment for our members by providing membership benefits to make quality education more affordable.

Our Vision

  • To be a pioneer in the field of providing knowledge and education, not just in the Mena Region but worldwide as well.

  • To be a Centre that strives with unparalleled passion and commitment to provide outstanding educational experience, superior practical outcome, and assuring the best possible knowledge for those enrol with us.

Our Values

‘Educating Physios’ is the reason for our being. And the Development of Physios in this region, the focus of all of our activities. We strive to exceed our participant’s expectations for knowledge and convenience .
At Learnovate We:

  • L- Learn with

  • E- Enthusiasm.

  • A- Advance and

  • R- Refine our

  • N- kNowledge to gain

  • O- Outstanding Clinical practice. Be

  • V- Vehemently Victorious and

  • Acquire Accolades through

  • T-Transcendent

  • E-Education system

Imagine, educating yourself, upgrading your knowledge to a point you are being able to Completely understand the condition your patient presents in, and Provide a sustaining, quick and immense relief to the patient.

Gain the Power, to Make a difference!!!