Kinetic Neurology - Approach - Level 2

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06/08/2021 To 30/08/2021
06:00 pm To 06:00 pm
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Introducing the all-new format for Integrated Kinetic Neurology (IKN) Approach Level 2!! The Level 2 is part of the Diploma in Integrated Kinetic Neurology! Participants can either enroll for just Level 2 (if you have already completed Level 1) or enroll for both the levels together to get their Diploma as well as save on course fee. Level 2 has over 24 hours of online study, including pre-recorded lectures and live training sessions with Dr Ryan Foley, followed by a 1-day in person course, which will focus on detailed demonstration, hands-on practice, and application of the concepts in case-based scenarios. This format has been specifically formulated to enhance your learning experience. In short, it will be just like any other hands-on course, but with additional online and live sessions, making the 1 day in-person course extensively hands-on and case based, avoiding long lectures during the hands-on course.

IKN is a technique that will maximize your results in terms of pain relief, improving muscle strength, and having an immediate effect on muscle tone by integrating kinetic neurology into manual therapy practices.

Attendees can expect to dive into great detail about the fundamental principles of our system and how to help themselves, but more specifically their patients to achieve stronger and pain-free bodies.

What you will learn:

  • The neurology behind the movement, why it matters, and how it impacts the rehabilitation program.
  • Simple assessments of the Central Nervous System that make sense to you and your patients. 
  • Manual therapy techniques to enhance the brain’s sensory map of the body and hence reduce pain
  • How to increase strength and reduce pain by working through the visual & vestibular systems.
  • Build neurological connections, by learning neuro-balancing movements to harness specific neurology, to facilitate pain relief.
  • Specific movements to stimulate the brain and unravel full-body tension.
  • How to safely and effectively deliver hands-on treatment in a specific sequence to create dynamic changes in pain and performance.
  • How to treat past injuries to help patients overcome chronic pain.
  • Learn how to integrate all this knowledge in your current treatment practice and develop a wider repertoire of treatment strategies, and skills, which can then be applied more confidently in a wider range of situations.


Why Enroll in the all-new format?

  • Access to 24 Hours of online study material
  • Live Zoom Sessions with Dr. Ryan Foley
  • 1 Day of in-person, extensive Hands-on training.
  • Private Facebook Group, for discussion and extra content.
  • Continuous support by Dr. Foley.
  • Free Access to Past Webinars
  • Weekend online modules, making it convenient for you to study at your comfort.
  • Learn the missing link in your treatment protocol.

Level 2 Online: 6th Aug – 30th Aug (2 modules/week – to study at your convenient time)

In-Person course: 10th and 11th Sep 2021.

Exam/Assessment at the End of the course.



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IKN is open to anyone who is interested including personal trainers, movement coaches, chiropractors, physical therapists, osteopaths, athletic trainers/sports physiotherapists, and medical doctors.

Online + Zoom Sessions + Hands-on In-person course in Dubai


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Dr Ryan Foley

PT, DPT, MISCP Co-founder of Integrated Kinetic Neurology

Earned his Doctor of Physical Therapy and Bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences, Psychology, and Gerontology from Nazareth College of Rochester, New York. After his 6 years in New York, he moved to Miami Read more

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    AED 2,200
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    06/08/2021 To 30/08/2021
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