ERGON Technique – Sports Course (Basic)

Introduction to ERGON Technique – Sports Course (Basic)

ERGON Technique – Sports Course (Basic)

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  • Pavlos Aggelopoulos


    ERGON® Technique is an evidence-based therapeutic approach combining static and dynamic manipulations of the body’s soft tissue with special clinical equipment for the treatment of neuro- musculoskeletal pathologies

    The technique was created through applied research and long- term evaluation at the Human Evaluation and Rehabilitation Laboratory of the Physiotherapy Department of University of Patras.


    ERGON® Technique is an innovative development of older IASTM approaches (GUA SHA, GRASTON technique, SMART TOOLS technique, Tools assisted massage technique etc.) and is based on the myofascial meridians theory as first described by Thomas Myers.

    The ERGON® Soft Tissue Techniques are applied on specific points of tissue restrictions and fascial adhesions along the fascial meridians; when these are released, functionality improves within a few treatment sessions

    The Ergon Technique relies on unique clinical equipment called ERGON Tools.

    Ergon Tools applied with special ERGON Technique can:

    a)detect and release –loosen scar tissues, adhesions and fascial stiffness,

    b) increase local perfusion, and

    c) decrease muscle tone and myofascial pain.

    The ERGON ® Technique techniques are applied in specific points of soft tissue adhesions which, upon release, improve the functionality of the area of the body, in the space of merely a few sessions.


    The therapeutic effect of ERGON® Technique is sustained for many days afterwards, and when combined with other treatment techniques (stretching and neuromuscular control exercises techniques) can even become permanent.


    This particular technique allows ERGON®-certified Therapists to

    1. assess with precision myofascial areas of high sensitivity, and
    2. restore biomechanical function of joints by dissolving adhesions, regaining normal myofascial rolling and reducing muscle spasm and pain.


    Learning Objectives of the ERGON - IASTM Sports Course

    At the end of the training, trainees will have gained theoretical education on the subject of Fasciae (Thomas Mayer Myofascial Meridians theory, soft tissue pathologies, fasciae, and their healing, being fully capable to:

    • • Assess possible fascial pathologies
    • • Approach areas difficult for the human fingers to access
    • • Actively intervene on hard tissue release cross-links between connective
    • • Restore range of motion of joints in a minimum number of treatment sessions
    • • Treat effectively most musculoskeletal pathologies/injuries
    • • Cause controlled and targeted re-injury in case of poor healing (tendinosis / overuse injury)
    • • Stimulate anabolic processes in connective tissues (collagen fibres)
    • • Accelerate tissue through fibroblast activation
    • • Facilitate reflex changes in chronically incorrect muscle activation patterns
    • • Effectively heal most neuro-musculoskeletal injuries
    • • Increase tension produced in one or more joints
    • • Combine    techniques     (ERGON®     Technique     and kinesiotherapy) - Facilitate functional rehabilitation



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    • Medical Doctors
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